Rock Climbing looks like a ton of fun!

But it also seems really intimidating.

You've seen those crazy climbing videos on Instagram. It looks incredible and like so much fun.

"Oh sh*t, that looks pretty cool."

But where do you even start?

Very quickly the doubts start creeping in:

- "Yeah, but I'm not strong enough."

- "I don't have the upper body strength."

- I'm probably too old."

- "I'm too fat."

- "I don't want to get injured."

- "I don't want to be a total newbie at the gym."

And then you go back to your boring "normal" gym and run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, do 3 sets of squats for 10 reps, bench press machine, and then maybe some core work.

You're bored before you even step foot in the gym. 

Rock climbing is NOT boring. It's amazing.

It's Play. It's task-based movement.

Climbing gets your body moving in ways you never would achieve with traditional "exercise".

RYB is all about sustainability. 

I want you to learn how to rock climb, but keep your body healthy and avoid common overuse injuries.

I've been climbing for over 3 years straight, and I've seen SO many people thrash their body around and then wonder why they have aches and pains.

I want you to learn proper technique to keep you climbing forever.

I want you to learn how to move your body on the wall, and learn all the skills necessary to keep you moving smart.

It's Time to Climb!

  • Avoid Injury

    Learn proper biomechanics and pulling technique to avoid common climbing injuries that can be prevented.

  • Climb with Confidence

    Learn how to confident and comfortable on the wall. You will not be intimidated by people at the climbing gym, because you know everything you need to.

  • Improve Your Skills 10x Faster

    Learn the basics. Learn the lingo. Learn the foundations. Avoid common climbing mistakes that can decrease your performance level.

Watch Intro Video

I love rock climbing.

You will too.

Rock Your Body

One-time purchase. Keep for life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Rock Your Body!

    • RYB

    • For the love of climbing

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Overview

    • Climbing Jargon

    • Grading Systems V0 - V16

    • Types of Holds

  • 3

    Movement Foundations

    • Warm Up

    • Beginner Crab Climbing

    • Sloth Climbing

    • Down Climbing

  • 4

    Pulling Technique + Body Positioning

    • Body Positioning & Pulling Technique

    • Locking Off

    • Dynos

  • 5

    Footwork Technique

    • Flagging

    • Flagging & Footwork

    • Heel Hooks

    • Toe Hooks & Bicycling

  • 6

    Training, Technique, Longevity

    • Training

    • Technique & Body Position

    • Hangboard

    • Avoiding Common Climbing Injuries

  • 7

    Thank you!

    • Special Thanks